A trip to Puglia: Places to travel in here

Puglia is a state which is in southern Italy. If you are fond of travelling and understanding the different cultures then Puglia is a must visit place for you. For travelling in different countries you have the option of booking cabs and vehicles. If you want to get mixed in the culture in here then instead of booking private taxis you can plan to go with public transportation.  After which you can enjoy the experience of walking tours or tour sharing. In sharing vans, you can get the benefits like no hidden costs, English speaking tourist guides, free water, comfortable air conditioning vehicles and lower charges than cruise lines.

Destinations to visit in Puglia

  • Grotte di castellana- Grotte di castellana is famous for its beautiful caves which are made of limestone. In this cave, you can easily find underground landscapes. There are several kinds of creatures also like beetles and bats.
  • Castel Del Monte- Castel Del Monte is one of the attractions in southern Italy. It is located on a hilltop and it has the shape of an octagon. There are some theories which prove that it used to be a castle in ancient times which had four octagonal towers.
  • Museo Fraggiano- This is a house turned museum which has tombs, with well and underground escape routes. This museum is open for all and a center of attraction of history lovers and archeologists.
  • Basilica di santa Croce- It was developed in the period of 16th-17th The designs and the castle itself tell the history of Italy.
  • San Nicola- There is a church which is made on rocky shores of San Nicola. The barren cliffs are sand colored here.
  • Grotta Zinzulusa- The caves here were made on Ionian coast which is below Castro.
  • Cathedral – In 11th century Oronto’s cathedral was built by Normans. In these caves, you can easily find sculptures which are based on bible.