Fried Chicken Sides and Other Accompaniments

Fried Chicken is more than a simple dish – it is comfort food. This means that when eating, it brings back childhood memories when your mother used to prepare it or when you share it with your siblings. It even reminds you of many friends and school lunches.

There is no doubt that fried chicken is one of the world’s most favorite foods. Wherever you go, you will see fried chicken meals with different variants or twists. However, the sides and other accompaniments will never change.

Chicken and chips are considered a complete meal. In most dishes, fried chicken comes with either potato wedges or potato fries.  It can also be onion rings or mashed potato. Everything that is offered together with chicken speaks of indulgence. However, this calorific meal will bring episodes of indigestion.

If you want a healthier option, you should try fried chicken with coleslaw or kimchi. These foods are good options if you do not want a more greasy meal. It is also clean with anti-acidic properties.

With the exception of chicken gravy, there are other sauces that you can consider. Sauces are served on the side. It is preferable to serve sauces in containers having a large aperture. This will allow you to comfortably dip any chicken piece.

What are good sauces? Ketchup is a good sauce and so is curry. If you have mayonnaise, you can consider it but never the plain one. You can only use plain mayonnaise when making a chicken sandwich. Hot sauces and garlic aioli are also best for fried chicken. These will surely enhance your fried chicken experience.

What are bad sauces? It is important that you know bad sauces so you can steer away from it. Bad sauces include soy-based sauces and anything that involves honey. Remember that this is not a dessert. You should also keep away from sweet chili sauces.

Many love fried chicken because it is versatile. This means that it can be paired with a different beverage for the ultimate experience.
• Champagne and other sparkling wines: though not a dish you often see in a fine

dining restaurant, fried chicken can still be paired with the lively fizz of champagne and other sparkling wines. In fact, the fine bubbles and ripe fruity flavors are a good way to enjoy fried chicken.
• Beer: pairing beer is all about finding the perfect balance. If the fried chicken is well prepared, it will offer a delicate play of flavorful and juicy meat. The beer will complement the fried chicken. Be careful in choosing a beer that will not overpower the chicken. It is recommended to go for lighter-bodied beers like malt as it maintains a balance between bitterness and sweetness.  
• Coke and rum: the classic pair of fried chicken is coke. If you are up for it, you can add rum to the mix. The carbonated lightness of the mixture will counterbalance the salty chicken.


If you want to enjoy fried chicken, there are many restaurants you can consider but remember that not all restaurants are created equal. You have to find a restaurant with a wide selection of fried chicken, sides and other accompaniments. For more information, you can refer to