Going to L.A? Visit These Hot-Spots

L.A is one of the United States most-visited cities. Full of iconic sites and places to visit, a vibrant and attention-grabbing atmosphere, and a beautiful coastline nearby, it’s a place where people know they can enjoy an experience like none other. As you travel throughout California in a motorhome rental, make sure to include Los Angeles on your places-to-see.

The following attractions are the best ones to see while in the area:

  • Visit the Griffith Observatory: Whether you are into astronomy or simply want to take pictures with a view, the Griffith Observatory is an interesting experience for picture lovers and astronomy fanatics. You will be able to observe the city below, the stars above, and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.
  • Go to Venice Beach: Because…why not? You’re in California. The beach is nearby and Venice Beach is iconic. From surfing to street performances, Venice Beach is vibrant and alive and full of things to do.
  • Go see the Lakers: Do you enjoy basketball? If so, go catch a Lakers game while you’re in town if it’s basketball season. They are an iconic team and while they may or may not be your favorite, you will be sure to have a blast.
  • Visit the Getty Center: Yet another place to enjoy views of the city, the Getty Center is worth your time. It’s a hot-spot for art fanatics, culture-buffs, and architect admirers. With art to observe, food to be eaten, and gardens to explore, you can have the best of many worlds while visiting the Getty Center.
  • Take a hike at Runyon Canyon Park: If you feel the need for nature as many locals do, go ahead and head on over to the Runyon Canyon Park in your motorhome rental. Get your tennis shoes on or unpack the bike and set out for some fun in this beautiful area that isn’t that well-known. You can catch some amazing views of the valley below, as well as the ocean. It’s gorgeous, full of great hiking trails, and will even offer you some photo opportunities. Another interesting thing about this park is that there are some older homes found located therein. If what you are looking for is exercise, fresh air, and a historical outdoor experience, this could be it.
  • Visit the Mural Mile: If you like outdoor art, this is where you want to go to see some of the world’s most vibrant street art. It’s like an outdoor art gallery and is truly worth a visit if you are a fan of street art. Plus, it will provide you with great material for your social-media feeds.
  • Eat at popular restaurants: Much like NYC, Los Angeles is full of great places to eat. While they may be on the pricey side, if you make sure to include wine and dining in your travel budget, it will definitely be worth it. With restaurants serving celebrities continually, it’s no wonder that the food is up-to-par. Do your research, pick your favorite, and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.
  • Check out the Bradbury Building: You may not know what is special about this building until you walk inside and recognize the interior from many a movie. We wouldn’t be surprised if one of your favorite movies was partially filmed here. From thrillers to love stories, this building has been a background for many an iconic film.
  • Stop on by LACMA: Do you like art? We sure do and we think that you will like a visit to LACMA too. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a fun destination for those who want to see some great pieces on display during their time in one of the nation’s most “artsy” locations. Not surprisingly, LACMA is the largest art museum in the western side of the U.S. Here, you can see art from all over the world and observe pieces from some of your favorite artists.
  • Take pictures at the Santa Monica Pier: If you are looking for some material for your social media accounts, Santa Monica Pier will be a rewarding destination. It’s a great spot for hanging out with friends, visiting with family, and enjoying the California weather.The iconic Ferris wheel and fun-filled location with games and snacks galore is an excellent way to pass time, especially when visiting Los Angeles with your family.

Los Angeles is famous for many reasons and if you have the time to visit, you should. A road trip through California in a motorhome rental would never be complete without a stop in Los Angles. The above things to do and see are only a small fraction of the plethora of things to do and see in the area. They should help to get you started but don’t forget to discover the myriad of historically famous spots found in this sunny Californian city. You’ll love it!