James Bond Island: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Thailand offers a number of beautiful island sceneries! Besides Coral Island, the others that most tourists land up here are the Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Island. In fact, these two are the most evident choices for people visiting Krabi or Phuket. One can find the island with the stunning James Bond Island Tours. Listed below are some of the facts of this beautiful Island.

  • It Has a Real Name: The original name for the James Bond Island is Khao Phing Kan, but it got the nickname after James Bond’s famous movie called – The Man With The Golden Gun which was made here in 1974.
  • A Limestone Rock: James Bond Island is located within the Phang Nga Bay, which clearly illuminates its limestone make. The James Bond Island is 20 meters tall, with a length of 4 meters at the bottom and 8 meters at the top. Made of sandstone tower karsts, the beautiful James Bond Island is supposed to have framed about 250 million years ago.
  • Rise to Popularity: After the James Bond movie in the year 1974, Ko Tapu was conversationally renamed as James Bond Island to make it easier for tourists and locals to recognize the island. Travelers started to run to the renowned film area, progressively defiling the water with family litter.
  • A Favorite Bond Location: It was the movie – The Man with the Golden Gun – which tiled the rock island as a top day-trip attraction in the region. Prior to the film, it was an insignificant limestone arrangement that created less enthusiasm from local people and visitors.
  • Top Tourist Attraction Today: James Bond Island is a standout amongst the most mainstream holiday destinations in Phang Nga Bay. Mostly all tourists in the region include the James Bond Island in their agenda.