Let Canada take your breath away!!!

Canada is much more than The Rockies and the pristine beaches. It is a country that also boasts of being home to one of most of the diverse cultural communities in the world. It is a place for every historian to be lost and found. It also promises to serve you some of the most exquisite dishes you would ever come across.

Something for everybody

Whether you are thirsty for adventure or on your quest to rendezvous with history, Canada will satiate your wanderlust. Plan your travel across Canada with great discount vouchers & promo codes from www.couponhub.ca.

7 most exotic places in Canada

  • Jasper National Park, Alberta

The largest national park in Canada – it is also a part of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. With its residents being the Grizzly bears, moose & elk and with an unparalleled natural reservoir of thousands of species of flora, it is wildlife like no other.

The best time to visit would be late summer or early fall. The best time for wildlife sightings is usually early in the morning or in the evening. And even if you are there for a hike in solitude or a breathtaking mountain drive, you will not be disappointed.

  • Banff National Park, Alberta – A discovery of Canada’s rugged beauty

The first-ever national park of Canada had its humble beginning as a site of Hot water spring. Banff is a picture-perfect vista of the snow-capped Rockies & the pristine turquoise waters of Lake Louise. It is home to over thousands of Glaciers feeding an array of lakes.

It turns into a skiing paradise in the winters and is also a hotbed of hiking, fishing, canoeing &climbing all throughout the year.

  • Niagara Falls, Ontario

It has come a long way from being just a honeymooner’s paradise to becoming a must go for any adventurer. Every click of Niagara’s three waterfalls – Horseshoe, American & Bridal Veil will give you memories for a lifetime. But that’s not just it- if you are the more adventurous type, you can choose to experience Niagara up close & personal. Get into your waterproof, hop onto a cruise and get as close as you possibly can.

Best time to visit would be from May to August. You will find a little less crowd if you can get there as late as September.

  • Churchill, Manitoba

Welcome to the Polar Bear capital of the world. Churchill situated on Hudson Bay towards the far north of Manitoba turns resplendent with the largest visiting sleuth of Polar bears from mid-October to end November. It is also the place to be for watching Beluga Whales during the summers when their numbers go well past that of the human populace in this town.

But there is something else about Churchill. The thousand-odd residents of this town on the edge of the Arctic shows such character of spirit that it would leave you wanting to come back all the time.

  • Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is Canada’s round the year destination. A place where nature meets lifestyle. With cultural festivals, spas, exotic restaurants and a never-ending list of outdoor activities, it’s a town abuzz with adventure enthusiasts throughout the warmer months. For others, the city has to offer its collection of museums where you can take a trip of history.

  • Montreal

A city which has food, festival & art running through her veins. This French- Canadian establishment is a city proud of its old-world European charm on one side, and feisty youthful energy on the other.

A history lovers paradise, Montreal will take you on a trip of discovery along its Parisian styled boulevards, 17th-century constructions and an array of museums.

Whether you want to time travel back into history or you want to fade away partying, Montreal will oblige.

  • Yukon Territory

Look up to soak in the view of over twenty mountain peaks soaring well over 4000metres. Look in front to find the majestic existence of the Yukon River in all its glory. Look around to find yourself in the most untamed of wilderness possible.

The Yukon territory might not be an on the list for most leisure travellers. However, if you ever happen to visit this land of giants, you might as well camp beneath the Aurora Borealis that only a fortunate few will come across. Yukon territory will leave you spellbound for the rest of your life as it does even for the natives.