Sri Lanka: an astonishing country between tea and rice

Sri Lanka is a country where you feel like you were in an adventure novel. In this country known as Ceylon in the past, elephants are venerated. These animals are related to divine grace. This is why most of the stupas (constructions where we find relics related to Buddha or other saints) count with a belt of elephants made of stone all around the building protecting it. In the heights of the centre, tea grows in buildings that come from colonial times. Some kilometres away, in ochre Kandy temple, a tooth of Buddha is kept. This tooth is shown once a year in the parade made during Esala Perahera party. In trips through southern Sri Lanka, we can enjoy watching wild animals running freely through Yala natural reserve; or fisher-men going up to posts where they wait completely immobile hours and hours until fishes take the bait. Taking all this into consideration, we get a group of unforgettable emotions and pictures that can be completes with another destination such as Maldices.

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Shopping in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka island is well-known for its huge tea fields. Despite of finding cultivated fields all around the country, most of them are located inland, in the Highlands. Those lands are famous for its spices. Cinnamon and cardamom are the most found in the markets of cities such as Colombo or Kandy. Other traditional products are precious stones, one of the most popular purchases in the country. Handicrafts are also a typical product, especially characteristic masks from Ambalangoda or sculpted figures made of wood. When we talk about clothing, batik pieces are the most demanded. It is also really common to get a sari, the typical Sinhalese clothing. Some of the best places to go shopping in Sri Lanka are: Colombo and its neighbourhood called Pettah, where we can find great variety; Hikkaduwa, where are located most of the souvenir shops; Kandy, with several markets and malls; or Batugadara, where we find precious gems at good price in Gems Chamber. Remember that, the same than every Asiatic country, precious gems’ prices are also negotiable.

Gastronomy in Sri Lanka is full of British and Indian influences. It is known for having many different varieties of curry, strong flavours and, sometimes, really spicy. Some of the main ingredients are chili and coconut milk. It is a country reach in meat, fish and most of their dishes are complemented with rice. We can’t leave Sri Lanka without drinking their tea, the main protagonist of the country. It is said that teas from Sri Lanka are the best teas of the world.

Events to enjoy

Thanks to the combination of cultures and religions, Sri Lanka has a wide range of celebrations. Some of the most famous events are celebrated during full moon times and are related to Buddhism. But there are also some Christian celebrations such as Madhu Festival. The main characteristics of these events are colourful scenarios, music, dances and the presence of elephants in their parades.