Taste the Globe at These Top 5 Washington D.C. Restaurants

If you’re visiting the capital city, you have to check out the Lincoln Monument, the Smithsonian, and the tomb of the unknown soldier, but don’t forget to put the same attention to detail to the eateries, restaurants, and holes-in-the-walls you visit. After all, these places fuel not only the district but, in a sense, the country. These five restaurants are ones you won’t want to miss during your time in Washington, D.C.

Le Diplomate

Image via Flickr by ivva

If you’re looking to dine where some of Americas most powerful do you’ll want to check out Le Diplomate. Some of the names that have visited this French comfort food restaurant include the former first lady, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Newt Gingrich, and Charles Schumer. The amazing food coupled with the excitement of never knowing who you might be dining with makes this a must visit according to many Washington D.C. restaurant guides.


Mayden is also known for their star-studded customers, but what makes this slice of the Middle East special is the atmosphere. This cozy joint has an open fire oven in the middle of its cozy two-story dining room. This oven is also what makes the food as delicious as the atmosphere, as it was named one of the best restaurants of 2018 by Food and Wine.

Chez Dior

Senegal is a country you may not have thought about since the last time you took geography, but this restaurant serves as a little piece of Senegal transplanted in America’s heart. The owner of this eatery described it best in a Washington Post Article, “Whatever they miss in Senegal, that’s what I’m trying to represent.” When visiting, the consensus is that you must order the Yassa Chicken, which is seasoned with caramelized onions and mustard.

Café Mozart

Since 1932, Café Mozart has been providing delicious German food to Washington DC. The eatery, which started as a small part of the building, changed hands and took over more of the building as time went on. Today you can enjoy eleven distinct kinds of German sausages, schnitzel, as well as a handful of other German dishes you may not be as familiar with, like Milanesa, which is beef that has been fried and topped with an egg. Once you’ve had your meal you can pop over to their Bakery and Deli and take some to go!


This Japanese restaurant is described by the residents of the District of Columbia as a hidden gem. The menu includes a variety of ramen, sushi, and bento boxes that are so authentic you’ll be surprised when you walk outside to find that the street signs are in English. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you for choosing this restaurant since the highest dollar dish on the menu is $22 for an assortment of fresh Sashimi.

With the capital city boasting over 2,200 restaurants, choosing just a handful to visit during your stay can be a daunting task, but if you choose one of these you are sure to be satisfied.