The Connection Between American and Japanese Culture

If you find yourself in Tokyo, you will see numerous examples of how the USA culture affected and inspired Japan in overall. For instance, you probably didn’t know that you would see Bob Dylan theme bar specifically made for Japanese fans in Yoyogi, which is a central precinct of Tokyo.

The American presence in Japan extends the idea of pop influence offerings, chain stores,and fast food franchises. By checking All Japan Tours –, you will be able to book the best tour available that will help you understand this particular phenomenon.

They feature a long obsession with things that are made in America, so today, you can find from domestic bears to latest movie projections. For instance, Japan makes one of the best whiskeys in the world, and Suntory decided to Acquire Jim Bean as well as Maker’s Mark.

Of course, we are not saying that in Japan you will find the crazy obsession with the USA because you can check other cultures too when it comes to cuisine and cocktails. You can find spectacular Neapolitan pizzaiolo and French chefs.

But there is something different when we are talking about the factors of cultural recognition in Japan where people are enjoying foreign cultures and taking the best out of them to make them better as a result.

When Japan wants to recreate the idea of foreign cultures, they are doing it efficiently, and create levels that are refined and appreciated,and today you can rarely find in America.


So, the first thing that you will say when it comes to this alcoholic beverage is that it is from the USA, and that is a fact. However, one of the best bourbon bars in the world is in Osaka. For instance, Rogin’s Tavern is the primary example of amazingness that you will find there.

As soon as you enter the bar, you will see the wooden surroundings with hundreds of bottles while the old Jazz comes from the jukebox that perfectly resembles the culture we’re talking about here.

You can choose any bourbon you wish, and some bottles are even a few centuries old,but you can also choose the prominent ones that are less expensive of course.  According to the owner, the appreciation for American distillery increased amazingly during the 20th century.

In there, you can find bourbons that are one of the most expensive on the market such as Pappy Van Winkle, where one bottle could reach the price of a few thousand dollars. It is something that you cannot find today in the USA.

For instance, when you visit bourbon bars from Louisville to Manhattan, they will have some old bottles, but not too early and not the ones you will find in Japan. Check this link: if you want to learn more on Japanese whisky.


The fascination for music is also something that Japanese people adore, especially when combining the Western and Eastern motives to create something unique for anyone’s ear.

That is something that you will feel when you visit some jazz bar in Tokyo, where the culture and surroundings will get you back in time. Numerous unusual places feature complete focus on jazz, and you will have a fantastic experience as a listener and lover.

When it comes to musical background, during the fifties and sixties, Tokyo apartments were too tiny to play music and records were expensive for regular consumers and listeners. Therefore, the only areas where people could listen to the music was Jazz kissa.

That was the time when coffee shops became places where jazz lover and enthusiasts could enjoy and relax and hear new trends and records such as free jazz and other music as well.

Jazz became the organizing power that brought Japanese students to protests, and finally, today, we can easily say that it is one of the most significant areas to practice and enjoy this particular type of music.


It is important to finish with the idea that the USA was also influenced by Japanese culture, especially when it comes to comics such as Manga and Anime TV series. Of course, technology is also advancing rapidly, so we can only assume what will happen in the future.