Trip across Lisbon’s Surroundings: Top 7 Cities to Go for a Day

The capital of Portugal – Lisbon – is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe and in here, there is something to see. But what if you have a free day and want to see something in “walking distance” around the city? Choose one of these seven places, of course!


This “Portuguese Jurmala” is the main resort of the country, especially loved by local residents. From Lisbon, you can get to it by car in 30 minutes overcoming the distance of 28 km. By the way, if you decided to make a trip in early November, you have the opportunity to attend a regular film festival, which is one of the main local cultural events. Go to the old local casino that is well known for being inspired by Ian Fleming when writing “Casino Royale”.


The city in the depths of the country is famous for its ancient and rich history, which resulted in the presence of a large number of different monuments and buildings. Moreover, Evora is one of the few on the planet city-museum listed to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The charm of the city is that its sights belong to different historical epochs, while the city itself is small, so everything is located within walking distance.

Cape Roca

It is not enough to visit Portugal and Lisbon – the westernmost country and the capital of the continent, respectively. We still have to visit the westernmost point – at the Cape Roca, since it is only 40 kilometers from Lisbon, and is also a part of the Sintra-Cascais National Park. The point is quite physically palpable – a 140-meter high rock, from which the best view of the Atlantic Ocean opens up. As the Portuguese poet Luis Camoens said: “This is the place where the earth ends and the sea begins.”


One of the few European cities, in which not only an ancient castle, but full-fledged city fortifications have been preserved. And because of the size of the town, in which there are only 11 thousand people, it turns out that the wall (like it was hundreds years ago), divides the city into roughly equal parts. And, like in the old days, people live outside the city wall, but inside there is such an attraction for tourists – all these ancient castles and churches. Not to mention the shops and cafes. It is best to visit the city in July, when it hosts the Festival of the Middle Ages.


Visit the old center of marine science in Europe. The first permanent laboratories were built in it at the end of the XIX century and were financed by the royal authority. They, by the way, used Cascais as her summer cottage. Today it is a popular tourist destination for everyone who loves beaches and the sea. The bay is quiet, the beaches are beautiful, the ruins of the royal castle are picturesque, and the museums of the arts and the sea are cognitive. The city, incidentally, is quite large, so it has a lot of good hotels for those who do not want to return to Lisbon in the evening.


Sintra and its surroundings are the objects of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and all this because the city is simply lodged with sights. There are only palaces in it: the National Palace of Sintra, the Pena Palace, the dilapidated Moorish Castle and the Montserrat Palace. Pay a special attention to the Capuchin Monastery and numerous churches. It is very historical place that should be visited for sure.

Advices for drivers

Drivers of cars should consider the presence of traffic jams in the city and a large number of cars. Note that finding a parking place is also not easy.

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