Try These Dishes When You Visit San Francisco

San Francisco is the place where you can get the best food with ethnic and home-grown specialties. If you are planning to go on Food Tour San Francisco then reading this brief write up will be useful to you. If you want to test the best foods of San Francisco then visit these places.

·    Try Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip and Tcho Chocolate

If you want to test fresh frozen confections then visit Smitten Ice Cream on your next Food Tours San Francisco. Those who have special taste for ice creams will certainly enjoy the fresh cold product over here.

·      Interested to eat Fried Chicken Ramen

Visit Suzu Noodle House if you are fond of fried chicken. Besides that, you can also enjoy your shopping to buy costume accessories and many other snacks and meal. However, you will certainly like the taste of fried chicken, which has been fresh fried in fiery hot chili oil.

·      Montanara

Are you fond of eating pizza? You can really get the taste of Neapolitan style Pizza during your next San Francisco Food Tour. This pizza consists of wonderful ingredients and has been prepared on cooking equipment, which was directly imported from Italy. You will surely like the taste of this puffy pizza at Farina Pizza at San Francisco.

·      Chicken with explosive chilli pepper

Here at Z & Y you can eat Sichuan standard Chongqing chicken, which can be rarely produced in perfection as you can get over here.

·      Monday Oyster Happy Hour

If you are on San Francisco Food Tours then you can never afford to miss this Oyster, which is offered at half its price on Mondays. People from all corners of the city usually visit at Hog Island Oyster Co in order to eat this Oyster.