Why Spain is an Attractive Location for Expat Retirees

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Some of the visitors are retirees looking for a place to stay. For years, Spain has established herself as a top retiree stop in Europe. Why do the retirees so much in love with Spain? Here is why Spain is an attractive location for expat retirees;


Unlike most countries in Europe, Spain is privileged to have sunshine and hot weather most part of the year. The areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea are hotter than the interior of Spain. Many expat retirees usually want to remain in Europe while having a place to bask in the sun. Spain is always the first choice even before thinking of Greece.

Health Care

Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the European Union. Most of its hospitals are modern well equipped. Better yet, the healthcare cost is lower compared to that in the United Kingdom and the United States. Private policy costs cheaper in Spain than it does in the rest of European Union. Retirees want to stay in a place where their health is safeguarded. Spain is that place in the whole of Europe.

Low cost of living

This depends on where you live but a lot of retirees have reported that they are able to live comfortably on quite low budgets. However, this seems to be a reserve of few secluded seaside villages such as Marbella and Sitges. The explanation on why life is affordable in seaside villages and not in Madrid or Barcelona is the fact that there are fewer sales taxes and property taxes in such upcountry enclaves. As a result, retirees love disappearing there and nibbling on their retirement benefits bit by bit.

Accessible transportation

Although a lot of Spaniards own cars, there exist a well connected public transport systems with public buses and trains. The Spanish railway is linked to the rest of the European track. As a result, you can move from London by train to Madrid, fast and conveniently.

Spanish people

Pioneer retirees who have been in Spain for a long time shower great praise on Spanish people for being friendly, welcoming and having good laid-back attitudes towards the foreign retirees who relocate there. It is alleged that you can’t waste a day without making a bunch of friend in any Spanish town.

Relaxed way of life

Life is so fun in Spain than in the rest of Europe. After basking in the sun all day, you can break for lunch cocktails or afternoon fiestas. Who doesn’t feel relaxed under the sun with drinks anyway? So a retiree relocating to Spain tends to mostly stress free and relaxed.

Access to beaches

Spain has arguably the second best beaches in Europe, just a spot away to attract the envy of Greece. The Spanish beaches span over 5,000 miles most of it being accessible to the public. The most popular beaches that feature on almost every retiree’s list of priorities are Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Real estate investment

Not all retirees who come to Spain want to sunbathe, others just want to invest in the booming Spanish real estate and watch their money multiply. Let’s not forget Spain is still recovering from the recession so the prices of properties here as relatively low compared to elsewhere in Europe. Check out costablancamagic.com for prices.

Attraction and recreation

Spain is never devoid of interesting activities. If you are not golfing then you are exploring the bustling Madrid or Barcelona. Some retirees prefer staying at the seaside and fishing the whole day. It is fun as well.