Jabal Shams: Oman tour for special interest groups

Are you sharing common interests with friends and colleagues in a bird watching society, in a mountain biker group, a fishing or diving club or in a geology association, just to name a few? Many enthusiasts with such particular interests consider the Sultanate a paradise or simply a “must see place” to experience an exciting vacation. Oman is the perfect destination for cultural holidays and attracts visitors with an interest in the history, the rich Islamic heritage and culture as well as long-standing and strong traditions of the country.

Follow Oman’s archaeological trails and visit the lost city of Ubar, also called “the Atlantis of the Sands” on the fabled frankincense route and many other archaeological sites. Or, have you ever thought of a class reunion in authentic Omani surroundings with an extraordinary touch of oriental magic?


Visit the fort and souq at Nizwa, then on to the ruins of the ancient town of Tanuf for a photo stop. Travel to Al Hamra, a 300-year-old town on the edge of a sprawling oasis and then up a winding road through hills to the faraway village of Misfah, where groves of palm and lime trees grow against the mountainside and ancient stone dwellings still exist. Drive into the deep ravines of Wadi Ghul en route to the towering mountains of Jabal Shams, which literally means Mountain of the Sun, is Oman’s highest peak at 10,000 feet and is often hailed as the Sultanate’s own version of the Grand Canyon!!!

Return to Muscat via Birkat Al Mawz, which translates as “Pool of Bananas” and is a pretty, green and fertile area. Remnants of an ancient village can be seen here.

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